'Mood Stability Protein Rich Snacks Recipe Book''

Why have I called it ''Mood Stability Protein Rich Snacks''? 

More and more people are struggling with ADHD, anxiety, mood swings, agressive behavior  or depression. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a little more control over our moods and mental wellbeing? 

Well did you know, that often simply by changing and switching up the foods you eat on a daily basis, it can make a difference in how you feel!  A key to maintaining high energy levels throughout the day and to feeling happier and more resilient, is including small portions of protein rich foods into your diet throughout your day. 

For this I've created for you a FREE RECIPE BOOK of 7 healthy protein rich snacks that you can try out for fun! 

In addition to MEAL PLANNING and providing healthy RECIPE OPTIONS, I also provide one on one COACHING PROGRAMS for clients wishing to improve their health with better nutrition and lifestyle choices (that include a full evaluation, follow-ups and ongoing support).  in the near futur, I will also be providing regular ONLINE CHALLENGES for those who wish to access everything from home.  My area of interest and expertise is the impact of nutrition on our mental wellbeing.  However, I also see clients with various other health concerns and challenges, such as gastro-intestinal problems, weight loss or gain, and with multiple food intolerances.     

On a side note, I would also like to inform you that I've introduced this year the possibility of scheduling a FREE 45 MINUTES DISCOVERY CALL with me if clients wish to explore their options for nutritional coaching.  During the call, they will get to share their health concerns and goals with a holistic nutritionist so I can have a better understanding of their needs and challenges.  Together we will determine if nutritional coaching is right for them. 

To book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL and claim your free 'Mood Stability Protein Rich Snacks Recipe Book'' , simply to call our reception at 613-834-2229 or fill out our Contact Us form.


Julie Gervais

BA, MA, R.H.N. CAHN-Pro member

Founder of Wholistic Family Nutrition

Whole Foods, Whole Body, Whole Life.

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