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Women making fruit salad

Holistic Nutrition

Does your child suffer from learning difficulties such as ADD, hyperactivity, fatigue, mood swings, depression, headaches, aggressive behaviour, food sensitivities or allergies?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these challenges, we can help!


Our Registered Holistic Nutritionist, will help address the underlying causes of common health challenges children face today by reconnecting children and families to whole foods, which is the foundation to a whole body and a healthy brain, allowing for a whole life.  We educate families on the power of food to improve health and empowers them to make the necessary changes.

Our services include:

  • Initial consultation

  • Assessment

  • Follow-up consultation

  • Individual intervention

  • Home visits

  • Meal planning and recipes

  • Ideas for stocking fridge/freezer/pantry

  • One-on-one visit to the supermarket (or grocery store)

  • Workshops for parents and community partners

Share your primary health concerns and goals to better understand your needs with a qualified holistic nutrition.

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