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Our Clinic

ABC Pediatric Therapies is proud to offer bilingual speech therapy, psychology, psychotherapy services in the heart of Orleans, a few minutes from downtown Ottawa, to help each child and youth reach their full potential!

Our Story

Sharon Burgess and Anick Labrèche, both Speech-Language Pathologists, had a dream of opening a bilingual speech therapy clinic in the heart of Orleans.

Speech Therapy in Orleans

In 2015, that dream became a reality, and they opened a tiny speech therapy clinic called ABCommunication. In 2017, seeing that families with multiple and complex therapy needs required greater support, they decided to expand and opened a multidisciplinary “One-Stop-Shop” clinic that they named ABC Pediatric Therapies in order to encompass all of the connected rehabilitation and health services that were now being provided to children and their families in one convenient location.


Every clinician and admin staff at ABC Pediatric Therapies is driven by their true passion to help each individual child and youth to shine, regardless of their respective challenges, and reach their highest potential. They also strive to educate families, caregivers and educators on how to best support their child’s and student’s overall development at home, at school and in the community.


Thank you to all of the families that have put their trust in ABC Pediatric Therapies over the years, and in the years to come!

Anick and Sharon

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