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ABC Of Gestures | Parent Group in Ottawa


Fun fact, babies are able to communicate before they're able to say their first words. They do this by using gestures!

Research with young children has shown that the development of gestures from 9 to 16 months predicts language ability two years later, which in turn predicts academic success later on!

To help parents better understand how children learn communicative gestures, what is expected at what age, and how to help little ones who are struggling in learning how to use those so important gestures, we're running a series of workshops led by a communicative disorder intern, Anna Ghiorghiu under the supervision of Sharon Burgess, speech-language pathologist, who is also one of our clinical directors here at ABC Pediatric Therapies Clinic!

Registrations are currently open, and more information can be found below, and/or by contacting us at 613-834-2229.

We aim to serve families in our community and to help make a positive change

when comes to early development and communication. ❤️


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