Are you concerned with your child’s cognitive abilities, academic achievement or overall development? Are you looking for strategies to help support your child’s or your own social, emotional or behavioural functioning? We can help!

At ABC Pediatric Therapies, our team of experienced bilingual psychologists provide individualized assessment and treatment to children, adolescents and adults in a warm, confidential and supportive environment. 

         Psychoeducational and Developmental Assessments


Learning Disabilities

Reading, Spelling, Writing, Math, Language,

Non Verbal Learning Disorder

Executive Functioning

Attention Deficit


Inattention, Hyperactivity, Impulsive Behaviour

Executive Functioning

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Social, Communication, Language,

Repetitive Behaviours,

Sensory Processing

Executive Functioning


High Task Performance, Identification, Guidance

Developmental Disorders

Assessment, Guidance,

Mild Intellectual Disabilities, 

Developmental Coordination Disorder,

Parental Support,


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,

Tic Disorders