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Speech-Language Pathologists

Melanie Roy Orthophoniste
Melanie Roy

Speech-Language Pathologist


Melanie completed her Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Ottawa in 2004. Since then, Melanie has provided her SLP services in school settings in the Ottawa area as well as New Brunswick for over 10 years. Her time spent working in that environment has enabled her to develop a proficiency with respect to the impact of language difficulties on school learning. Her previous work experience has allowed her to support children (often from bilingual households) that possess difficulties with language comprehension, expressive language, reading, writing, articulation and stuttering. She also provided services in her own private practice in New Brunswick for nearly four years.

Over the course of her career, Melanie has had the opportunity to offer several workshops for teachers and parents, something she cherishes deeply. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her two children and husband.

Melissa Groulx orthophoniste
Mélissa Groulx

Speech-Language Pathologist


Mélissa holds a Bachelor in Health Science with a minor in Psychology and has completed her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Ottawa in 2016. She also has her It Takes Two to Talk® Certification for speech-language pathologists from The Hanen Centre and recently completed her ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) certificate from The Geneva Centre.
Since becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist, Mélissa has offered services to toddlers, preschool and school-aged children with speech and language delays, language-based learning difficulties (dyslexia, dysorthographia) and physical and developmental delays such as Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Mélissa discovered her passion for ASD during her internship at Camp été fou, a summer camp that seeks to enhance the development of social interaction and communication skills of children with ASD. Since then, she has been working with many children with autism at the ABC Pediatric Clinic and at a weekly program, Sam-dit Turbos offered by Société franco-ontarienne de l’autisme. Working with kids with autism has really become a passion of hers on this new adventure as a Speech-Language Pathologist!

Courtenay Speech Language Pathologist Orleans
Courtenay Hnatyshyn

Speech-Language Pathologist

M.Cl.Sc, S-LP, Reg. CASLPO

Courtenay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science with a specialization in Linguistics from Carleton University and has completed her Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Western Ontario in 2022. She also has her It Takes Two to Talk certification from the Hanen Centre.

Prior to completing her Master’s, Courtenay worked as an Instructor Therapist in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), where she found her passion for working with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). She is always seeking to enrich her knowledge in the areas of ASD, including Gestalt Language Processing, echolalia, and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Some other areas of interest include articulation, language delays, social communication, and literacy. Courtenay strongly believes in family-centered intervention and strives to create individualized treatment plans through collaboration with families.

Courtenay loves to be outdoors, playing beach volleyball and skiing!

monic breton speech-language pathologist ottawa
Monic Breton

Speech-Language Pathologist


Monic is a bilingual (French-English) clinician who has been practicing Speech-Language Pathology for 25 years. She has provided services to children of all ages as part of a multidisciplinary team in a Children’s Treatment Centre in Northern Ontario and then worked with toddlers and preschoolers in a Preschool Speech and Language Program.

During her career, Monic has worked with children presenting with developmental delays, acquired brain injury, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, articulation delays, hearing loss, childhood apraxia of speech and feeding difficulties.

As a mother of three young adults, Monic understands the importance of parents’ role in their children’s development and encourages the parents’ involvement in all aspects of intervention. Monic engages children in fun and relevant activities to help them improve their oral and/or written communication skills.

Mallory Speech Language Pathologist Ottawa
Mallory Hutchinson

Speech-Language Pathologist

Mallory holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics (Speech and Language Sciences) from
Brock University and completed her Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology at the University
of Western Ontario in 2023. She also has her It Takes Two to Talk Certification from the Hanen

Mallory is passionate about providing speech and language services to preschool and school-
aged children. Her areas of interest include language delays (expressive language and language
comprehension), articulation disorders, fluency, social communication, and literacy. Mallory
strives to create intervention that is both engaging and productive for children, and she believes
in the importance of collaborating closely with families when developing intervention plans.
Mallory discovered her interest in working with children with intellectual and developmental
disabilities through her previous work as a Development Service Worker. She has a particular
interest in Autism Spectrum Disorder and while completing her Masters, she contributed to
further research on this topic. Mallory is continuously searching for ways to further her
knowledge and clinical expertise in the field through attending education webinars, obtaining
certifications/qualifications, and collaborating with other professionals.

Mallory enjoys spending time outdoors, biking, swimming and kayaking in her spare time.

Chloe Fadel speech language pathologist Orleans
Chloé Fadel

Speech-Language Pathologist
M.P.O., S-LP., Reg. CASLPO

Chloé strives to make therapy fun and enjoyable for everyone! She believes in the value of involving parents in every step of the process by providing them with tools, strategies, and activities that can be used at home in order to increase treatment efficacy. Chloé is a bilingual therapist who offers services in both French and English. She enjoys working with preschool and school-aged children and her areas of interest are language delays, stuttering and articulation & phonology. She is certified to offer the Lidcombe Program, a behavioural treatment for children who stutter. She also has a particular interest in multilingual populations and has contributed to research focused on language development of bilingual children.


Chloé has practiced in schools and public health, having offered services to children with speech and language delays, as well as having provided parental coaching and early intervention to families of children with autism. She has a Master’s degree in speech-language pathology from the University of Montreal. 

Anika Talukder speech language pathologist ottawa
Anika Talukder

Speech-Language Pathologist

M.Sc. (A) S-LP, Reg. CASLPO

Anika holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from the University of Ottawa and has completed her Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology at McGill University. Anika has experience assessing and offering speech-language intervention to toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children with various profiles, such as ADHD, ODD and ASD. Her areas of interest include language delays, social communication, articulation, literacy, AAC and early language stimulation. Anika has experience providing parent training and running early language stimulation groups. Prior to completing her Master’s Anika worked as a child-care educator for 4 years both in the Ottawa and Montreal region. She believes in individualistic, play-based intervention and a family-centered approach. Anika enjoys expanding her knowledge of the field and ensuring up-to-date evidence-based practice by attending workshops, webinars and collaborating with other professionals. 


Anika can also speak Bengali and enjoys travelling in her spare time!

Orthophoniste Danièle Baribeau Orleans
Danièle Baribeau

Speech-Language Pathologist


Danièle holds a Master’s degree in psychology from the University of Montreal as well as a Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Ottawa. For the first half of her career, Danièle worked as a psychometrist in various geratric rehabilitation programs doing primarily neuropsychological testing. She then went back to university to study Speech-Language Pathology. After graduating, Daniele worked for several years in a school board while also seeing a few clients in private practice. Her work at the school board focused primarily on children attending special education classes for language-based learning disabilities. Early on in her career as an SLP, Danièle developed a keen interest in reading and writing. She has attended numerous workshops on this topic and has read extensively about dyslexia. Most of her private work has been with children identified as dyslexic. Danièle loves to create therapy resources! In 2016, she was hired by the CFORP as “experte-conseil” and co-author of the interactive white board resource: “Brille la chenille rigole”, a collection of 42 interactive activities designed to support early literacy. In her spare time, Daniele enjoys cooking, walking outdoors and doing jigsaw puzzles while enjoying classical music. 

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